Family Care

Family Dental Care

At Heritage Lane Dental, we practice dentistry for the entire family. We understand that adults & children have different needs & we address them separately. Adults care about technology, informed doctors & quality of care, while kids want to be comfortable & respected. We accommodate the needs of patients of all ages. Plus, our dentists have experience working with children & teens, so we can make the dental experience enjoyable for everyone in your family.

Our team would be glad to give both you & your child the oral hygiene education you need to prevent cavities and maintain a healthy mouth. Begin daily brushing as soon as the child’s first tooth comes in. A pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste can be used after the child is old enough to not swallow it. By age 4 or 5, children should be able to brush their own teeth twice a day with supervision. This supervision should continue until about age 7, in order to make sure they are doing a thorough job. However, each child’s progress will be different. Flossing removes plaque between the teeth, where a toothbrush can’t reach. Flossing should begin when any two teeth touch. You may wish to floss the child’s teeth until he or she can do it alone. Don’t forget to floss behind the four teeth in the back!

These oral hygiene tips are important, especially for your kids. By educating them at a younger age, they’ll have the knowledge to provide them with a lifetime of excellent dental health! Call Heritage Lane Dental for your appointment & consultation today!