At Heritage Lane Dental, we understand the importance of providing convenient and innovative solutions for our patients’ oral health. That is why we offer extended hours for hygiene appointments, ensuring that you can easily schedule your dental cleanings to fit your busy lifestyle. We also used Guided Biofilm Therapy to enhance your dental cleaning in Edmonton, Alberta.

Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) is a revolutionary approach that surpasses traditional dental cleanings in terms of comfort and effectiveness. Unlike conventional cleanings, which may involve scraping and discomfort, GBT uses advanced technology to target and remove dental biofilm, which is the root cause of most dental issues. This approach is gentle on your teeth and gums, making the experience considerably less painful.

GBT is also highly precise, allowing our hygienists to remove plaque and biofilm more effectively than traditional methods. By combining air polishing, ultrasonic scaling and specialized instruments, GBT leaves your teeth feeling cleaner and smoother than ever before.

Afterward, Dr. Armelyn Dela Cruz or Dr. Sania Garewal will take a look at your teeth to see whether there are concerns that need to be addressed. If there are, we can reschedule another time for you to come receive treatment from our dentists. Call us at 780-465-6229 today to schedule your dental cleaning with us. We will be sure to take care of your smile.